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I'm glad some of you are enjoying the story, thank you for your comments and here is the following: had a very powerful orgasm and then collapsed almost. My love has helped me in the shower then put me to bed and fell asleep, and I put my wrist cuffs and collar was on. I woke up the next morning feeling confused, then snuggled up to my teacher, I like where I was and realized what he had done. My body ached from being stretched on the table with her legs spread and bound by the spacebar and my ass and pussy were sore from so much use and abuse. However, I was deeply satisfied, and decided that he was only doing the kind of person, and the joy that I also may be adapted to my new role. My teacher woke up slowly and steadily at me. ' You were a great night, my little slave, he said, patting me with his voice and fingers. ' Are you willing to continue as my slave? '' Yes, Master 'she whispered. he began to caress my slit,and suck my nipples. ' Oh Lord, I am very sore,' I protested. quickly sat back down on me and grabbed my hand together, trim cuffs and held my hands behind my head. His knee forced my legs and quickly bent down and licked and sucked on my pussy wet. ' You are my slave to remember how I play,' he said as he relaxed his cock in my care. 'Do not tell me not to me. I'm nice pornpub to you, but you're mine. ' He fucked me so tenderly and gently started to kiss me deeply, but I still deposited on the bed after stronger I was away and rose hips. We climaxed together and whispered, 'You are my Remember, dass. ' That's how it all began. A few weeks later, my teacher asked me to take adequate shelter, as it would on Sunday pornpub shopping. I protested, but he told me that I 'm out of town or something and do not worry. I was a little skeptical when arresulting in his apartment on Sunday morning, and my suspicions were aroused when he told me pornpub about the leather and slave costume chain, a tiny black thong and neck. He took the lead in his pocket. ' But Master, ' I began. He interrupted me and said. 'Look, I pornpub do not want pornpub to punish you have the humiliation of walking around with a red background, but I at a time that goes straight to fetish bazaar, so that will be fine, they are all people are on the site. they look at you because you look so well and are jealous of me, pornpub but it will be a lot of outlandish costumes and people. ' I hung my head. 'Sorry, sir,' he said, and leaned forward and touched the ground so they could beat your ass. 'Thank you. ' was right, of course. The market is held in a kind of evil in the club, and although some people were dressed in street clothes, a range of fetish wear. When my teacher had said, we received admiring glances and a few men welcomed a beautiful slave, as hand it took me about my example. My master treated me in a corset, which made ​​my waist look small when he was a little uncomfortable. The seller assured me that soon get used to it and I must say it looked very cool. A then looked at each pornpub nipple clamps. My teacher had asked me several times that my nipples pierced by him, but I had to say flatly refused, were too big, it hurt too much. It has pornpub been argued that, because they are so big, they would see were transferred fantastic, but I had my head because it dug, and the word insurance. It seemed as if we had found a compromise : I let him buy me a pair of needle nipples, the condition is not too strong as the standard really hurt my large nipples. He also has some good in the terminal chains together. She looked very sexy, especially in the garb of a slave and even tries to be as fun for me. It made us laugh so much when a man said, pornpub sir, I pornpub had nice boobs, but in casethey pierced. He also asked if I had a pierced clit. asked We asked for a little more, and my master could not resist buying a suit of girl for me, with a short skirt and frilly apron. ' Well, I ask you, the odd bit of homework from time to time make,' he said, 'You can also see the part. ' When we got home, I entered the ladies team and orderly throughout the apartment, while my teacher was with some work on your computer, though I'm not sure how much work you have done! called me and said it is time to exercise a little more, I was always very daring and bold, was and was not properly submitted. ( I dare say you may have noticed already, but my teacher is not like that tend to read the stories, we have pornpub a real relationship, which not only my teacher is only a part) he told me to learn some positions of slaves and should immediately take a position when it was ordered or one of his friends. The first was ' kneel', in which kNeel front of him and looked down, but with hands held tight to the back so my chest was forced. pornpub The second was ' down', and had to kneel facing away from him, his forehead touching the ground and my ass in the air were to open my legs so my pussy was visible. The third was 'double ', which was intended to bend at the waist, legs apart, hands on ankles, back away from him. The last one was 'sit' where they extend their legs and offer my boobs sucks, always searching below. If I was not wearing underwear that had to get away from my pussy with one hand always had a free hand. Any failure to do so will be punished. The second and third were especially suitable for inspection and sanction, while the first and last were particularly suitable for me, a pleasure gentlemen. We have practiced these positions in the course of the afternoon, while I performed the cleaning. I soon came into his lap pornpub at a time, somy nipples clamped and fastened the screws too tight. I gasped a little, it was said, that my crop of teachers, then clapped to 'bend ' and in my ass several times. The next time I say 'sit' I was running around the room and quickly rose to his knees, pulled my frilly knickers to one side. My teacher set my nipples swollen and her hand stroking my smooth pussy, ' I get, you get very wet,' he muttered, ' the knee, then give me a bj ' 'Yes master,' he said and pornpub I left the delightful task after laying for a few seconds. I held the shaft with both hands and ran a drop of precum on my lips like lipstick then pornpub ran my tongue up and down his erect penis, rolling over his head, feeling his cock even bigger I he worked with his hands, he more and more in my throat, then released him and run my tongue down and over it, until I realized I was coming to a point. I took it out of my pornpub mouth at the last minute, so the sperm injectedª jets in my mouth a little ride on my face, I licked my tongue. Then I got my Masters in shameless around and kissed him deeply, rubbing my breasts against him. ' Hmm, I think, I can not avoid a shameless whore,' he laughed.
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